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STEGIA   Automotive Engineering GmbH

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  Our Design Office (DO) consists of a team of highly skilled Design Engineers who gained their own knowledge through relevant projects as:

• Front structure of projects BMW
• Front structure of projects Daimler Chrysler
• Front and side structure projects SEAT
• Front and Rear doors VW group
• Hood, Trunk,Back door according to PEDESTRIAN CRITERIA
• Engine Bay project : Alfa Romeo, Ford, Maserati.
• Front and Rear Bumpers: Alfa Romeo,Nissan,VW group
• Instrument panel and middle consol Porsche
• Door panels Frt. Rr. Roof trim VW group
• Cowl top and Water management: Daimler Chrysler

And many others projects.

The Design department comes under the wing of the team’s Technical Director























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