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Plastic components have become indispensable in the car industry due to the wide variety of design options they allow. The Plastics Technology section develops components for interiors, bodywork parts and functional parts that are highly stressed. This ranges from the initial concept and design of components and modules up to prototype parts of all kinds. In addition, the section also acts as a coordinator to link work between other sections

The Plastics Technology section specializes in production engineering and project management for all kinds of components such as door, trunk and pillar claddings, inside roof lining, carpeting, acoustic elements, coat hooks, spoilers and variable compartments for the top.

The Plastics Technology section acts as the developer for the areas of interior cladding, carpeting, insulation, padding and instrument panels, central consoles, heating/ventilation, air conditioning unit concepts and outer body parts made of plastic.

Modern Rapid Prototyping methods are integrated into the designing process in addition to current production techniques.


















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